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Are you first Cousins twice removed? Is the nice old lady really your Aunt?

In order to find the relationship between two biologically related people, all you have to do is answer a couple of questions. There are four different free genealogy tools available. Each of the free genealogy tools provides some of the same information, but in a different ways.

All these tools are free and the first tool is based on determining Common Ancestor and your relationships to that common ancestor. Another method is by describing the Relationships between a relative and another relative. The third and fourth free genealogy tools use genealogy charts interactively. One is called the Kinship Chart and the other is the Relationship Chart. Make sure you try this charts just for the fun!

If you are trying to find a lost family member or friend we have another free genealogy tool that might be useful. Give it a try at MyFamily People Finder.

We also have another fun tool for determining the day of the week for any date. With this you can determine the Day-of-the-Week for any birth date! Or anniversary date. Or whatever date. Try it out.

Relatives by Common Ancestor Tool

Common Ancestor Example


Your Relative

<- Gender ->
<- Common Ancestor ->
<- Descended From ->
<- Relationships ->
(Here is a complete list of relationship definitions if you need them.)
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Relatives by Relationships Tool

You are 
The   of your 
 is your   and their Spouse is your 
And you are a  to them.
(Here is a complete list of relationship definitions if you need them.)
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Find Lost Family Members

Use tools from for finding lost family members or friends.
Find Lost Family and Friends
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Relatives by Chart Tools

Relatives and relationships can also be identified through the use of commonly used genealogy charts, another one of the free genealogy tools. We have two interactive charts that maybe helpful. They are the Kinship Chart and the Relationship Chart and are linked below.
   Kinship Chart     Relationship Chart 
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Free Genealogy Tools

Here are the free genealogy tools listed again:
  •   Calculate by Ancestor  •   Calculate by Relationship 
  •   Kinship Chart  •   Relative Chart 
  •   Lost Family Member Tool  •   Day of Birth 
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